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Rave Reviews

It is great experience to learn technical analysis at MFCS. I did Basic and Advanced Technical Analysis from Mr. Ved and pursuing CMT in his mentoring.

Priyesh Khunteta , Banker

Today I am working at Broking Firm as Technical Analyst in Mumbai because of MFCS. I did  Basic and Advanced Technical Analysis from MFCS

Kapil Sahu, Technical Analyst

Learning Technical Analysis helps me in becoming pro trader. I was FRM but i did Basic and Advanced Technical Analysis from MFCS.

Vivek Goyal, Trader

Learning Technical Analysis was good for me, now i know what to buy and where to buy and when to buy. It is a process to apply in Trading or Investing

Sudhir, Investor

Technical Analysis is a professional approach for trading and investing.

Vishal Goyal, Investor

It was amazing to learn technical analysis with Mr, Ved as he is most qualified faculty for world class technical analysis. I did Basic when i came from Hong Kong in vacation, Then i did 1 year Advanced technical through Online.

Rajesh Baror

I was already trading but i have to learn Algo trading so i came at MFCS as faculty is highly qualified and i found that i was right.

Sohardh, Algo Trader

My brother has learned Technical with Mr. Ved in 2009 and made lot of money in NCDEX and Equity Market. I also learned from here

Pankaj Natani, Trader

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