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Foundation Course on Capital Market :-


  • Introduction of Capital Market

  • Understanding of Securities Market.

Structure of Securities Market, functions, and its participants.


  • Type of Securities Market.

Different types of equity and debt securities and its features. Difference between equity and debt financing. Equity Investing: meaning, equity analysis and valuation; risk and return. Debt Investing: meaning, instruments, terminology and risk and return.

  • Primary Market.

Meaning of Primary markets and its functions. In Primary market and its regulatory framework. Types of issues and its process: public issue, rights issue and private placement. Public Issue: Types, pricing, process

  • Secondary Market

Role, function, market structure and participants. Brokers and Client Acquisition. Trade Execution. Settlement of trades. Risk Management. Corporate actions.

  • Mutual Funds

Meaning, description, terminology and working of mutual fund. Mutual Fund regulations. Concept of systematic transaction in mutual funds. Reading mutual fund information. Benefits and Costs of Investing in Mutual Funds.

  • Derivative Market

Definition and the concepts underlying derivatives. Types of derivative products. Trading and Settlement of Derivatives. Risk Management in Derivatives. Benefits, costs and risk of derivatives.

  • Basic of Financial Planning.

Meaning of financial planning. Steps in financial planning. Asset Allocation. Investing for financial planning.

  • Basic of Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

Overview of the fundamental analysis and technical analysis for investing in stocks. Behavioural Finance approach to investing. The role of quantitative analysis in investing.

  • Career aspects in Capital Market.

  • Practical Training for Securities Market.


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