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Rave Reviews

I am by profession an engineer and Investor, but was not able to make profitable investing then i came at MFCS. It is nice to learn at MFCS

Vikas Agarwal, Investor

I am CA by profession and came here through client reference as i wish to work in equity market. I am satisfied as Ved Sir is my mentor.

Shubhang Goyal, Investor

I am commerce student and came through a reference at MFCS, after doing Basic Course i enrolled for Advanced 1 year course at MFCS.

Mihir  Tholiya, Trader

I am Banker but i wish to know about stock market and would like to do job in this field. I did Basic from here and Pursuing CMT under Mr. Ved. His teaching is just great.

Akshi Bhargava, Banker

I am in Higher management with Airtel due to competition i was feeling insecure in my job and then decide to learn technical from MFCS. It was a great experience to learn at here and now i am doing 1 Year Advanced course from here.

Manjeet Singh, Trader

It is great experience to learn Technical analysis as it is a true professional approach towards to financial market

Pramod, Investor

I am Broker and learned Technical Analysis from here and it was great to reveal secrets of Stock Market. I also did 1 year advanced technical analysis course from here 

Kishor Agarwal, Broker

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