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Rave Reviews

I am full time trader. Learning technical analysis at MFCS was a great experience for me. Now i am very comfortable with my trades.

Raj kumar Daga

I am a professor in a private college and doing trading also. After completion of my technical course, trading  become excellent and disciplined.  

Arpit Khandelwal

I was a real estate agent and doing trading without confidence, after learning technical at MFCS doing trade in a systematic manner.

Satish Sharma

I am software engineer and also investor in stock market. I was making losses through my biased decisions. At MFCS i learned how to select stock and where to buy or sell and even when execute the trades. 

Nalin Saini

I am a business man (tour travels agency ) also having interest in trading. With Mr. Ved i learn how to make profitable trade with his 15 years experience which helps me a lot.

Amit Mehta

I was a investment banker and going to Singapore to start my new venture. At MFCS i have learned how to make right decision for trading and investing.

Madhav Malpani

I am working at BPO in gurugram and met with Mr Ved through net. I was already doing trades but it was not good, after learning technical analysis at MFCS its being very good.

Mahesh Bairagi

I am full time trader and doing trade through watching TV. When i learned technical analysis, it changed my working method completely. Now it is a great experience to me.

Rahul Gupta

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