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Technical Analysis with Manthan Financial Consultancy Services (MFCS)

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Technical Analysis can be defined as an art and science of predicting future price based on an examination of the past price movements. Technical Analysis is not astrology for predicting prices. Technical Analysis is based on analyzing current demand-supply of commodities, Stocks, Indices, Future or any tradable instruments.

Technical Analysis

Experienced Professional Coaching

Technical analysis is the study of financial market action.

The technician looks at price changes that occur on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis or over any other constant time period displayed in graphic form, called charts.



Module # 1
• Introduction to Technical Analysis
• Technical approach to stock trading
• History and Modernization of Technical Analysis
• Understanding trend analysis
• Type of trend ( UP/DOWN and Range bound)
• How to use trend analysis for profitable trading or investing


Module # 2
• Trend line - Diagonal and Horizontal
• Using trend line for new entry or exit from the trade.
• Understanding Support and Resistance
• Application of Fibonacci Retracement and Extension


Module #3
• Type of Charts (Line/Bar/Candlestick)
• Understanding Candlestick Charting
• Continuation and Reversal Candles
• Application to candlestick chart with western tools


Module # 4
• Moving average and its applications.
• Type of MA
• Dual average crossover and its implications'.
• How and When to use MA.


Module # 5
• Construction and Application
• Divergence
• William R
• Parabolic SAR


Module # 6
• Indicators : Construction and Application
• William R
• Parabolic SAR


Module # 7
• Understanding Gap and Island reversal
• Type of Gap
• How to use gap for trading


Module # 8
• Chart Pattern
• Continuation and Reversal Pattern
• Measuring rules and formations


Putting all together
• How to make Technical Calls with low risk and high profit.
• Understanding Swing and Momentum Trading.

Institute will provide mentoring to candidate for two months for making profitable technical calls in equity market. Institute will also share its technical calls made by Mr Vedprakash Gehlot, CMT.

Candidate can make revision of entire course with other batch, free of cost till one year.

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